SDRC Board of Directors

The SDRC Board of Directors meets on the second Monday of each month at 6:00 PM in the Garty Pavilion.  Guests are welcome with prior awareness in a spirit of transparency and collaboration.

Board meeting minutes and documents are available online. To access BOD documents, login to iCrew, click on the Club Home tab, if not already there, and scroll down to Documents & Related Links for login credentials, then click on Member Documents and login.

Our Annual General Meeting is held in February, all members are encouraged to attend.

SDRC's current staff and coaches can be seen here.

Our Current volunteer Board Members are:

Marny Jaastad


Ellen Minteer


Willard Foss


Tom Peszek


Mark Rose

1st Vice President

Maddi Felix

2nd Vice President

Sally Scovel

Director at large

Dan O'Neill

Director at Large

Jackie Lai

Director at Large

Heather Ballesteros

Juniors President