Dues and Fees Schedule – 2019

SDRC supports a variety of membership types in order to provide a rowing experience that matches your level of interest. Junior membership information can be found at sdrcjrs.com

If you are interested in becoming a member, please complete the SDRC Membership Application and contact boathouse manager, who will review, approve, and setup your membership.

Type of Membership  Initiation
 Monthly  Annual
Regular  $150  $75  $900
     Add spouse/partner  $150  $37  $444
Guest – maximum of one month    $75  
Young Adult (27 & below)  $75  $45  $540
College Summer (Up to 3 months)    $75  
 Jrs Team Alum ( First 4 yrs after HS)      $99
Non-resident (Outside SD County)  $150    $250
Locker Rental – Women only (sm/lg)    On Hold  On Hold
Boat Storage (1x) – Rowable Spot    $40  $480
Boat Storage (1x) – Non Rowable Spot   $30 $360

Boat Storage Waiting list and info.