Guest Rowers

Guest Rower Policy

SDRC welcomes out of town rowers to our club to row by themselves or with another club member. Please be aware of and follow these policy points:

  1. All guest rowers must sign an SDRC Waiver (electronic) prior to using any equipment, including ergs. –
  2. May row only in west bay, south of the water ski buoy line, and can not cross under any bridges.
  3. Only club recreational singles or recreational doubles are available.
  4. May not row for more than 3 days in a calendar year. Additional rowing privileges can be extended through the payment of membership fees.
  5. May be a walk-on for Men’s or Women’s Masters at the morning practices, but seating is not guaranteed.
  6. SDRC does not rent boats.
  7. Guests may row with a member in a boat the member is qualified to row.
  8. Guests rowing with a member may row outside of west bay.
  9. Guests may not bow any club boat, even when rowing with a member, other than the recreational singles or doubles.
  10. Members are responsible for the actions of their guests and any damage that may occur.

If you are an experienced competitive rower we welcome you to join the Competitive Team for a row.  Contact the boathouse manager or the masters coaches to jump into a team practice. Practice time information.

SDRC is a non-profit organization and contributions are gratefully accepted. Our Venmo address is @SDRCBHManager.