From time to time SDRC has boats and other equipment for sale. Our full-time boatman and staff keep things in good condition and we’re flexible regarding delivery or pickup. Please contact for more information on any item.

Currently for sale

Summary of what we have available for pick up at the San Diego Crew Classic April 5-7, 2024. Please scroll down for details and photos.

  • 2 sets of 8 sweep oars $1,000 / set
  • 2 pairs of sculling oars $200 / pair

Oars for Sale – Posted 2024-03-29

SDRC is selling 2 sets of 8 sweep oars and 2 pairs of sculling oars. Oars can get to trailers at next weeks Crew Classic and might be able to get C2 to refurbish the handles/buttons if desired. Sweep – $1k/set C2 Ultralight Med Smoothie2 Vortex blue grips C2 Skinny Med Smoothie2 Plain Edge blue grips Scull – $200/set 2 x C2 Skinny Med Smootie2 Plain Edge (2015) orange grips