Private Boat Storage

SDRC is pleased to offer private boat storage to Regular and Young Adult members for those looking to train recreationally and competitively. SDRC has 50 spots that allow for regular use and 22 spots that are for storage and not easily accessible. Usable spots are wall racks and above head racks with cranks to raise and lower. Storage spots are nine to twelve feet high and usually blocked from direct access. At the moment, both spots are $30/month and require an SDRC Regular or Young Adult Membership. If you’d like to inquire about storing a boat at SDRC, please email

SDRC Private Storage Waiting List – HERE

Waiting list Priority:

  1. Boathouse equipment requirements
  2. Current members wishing to move to a more convenient location
  3. Current member waiting lists
    1. Storage spots looking for a usable spot
    2. Members looking to bring a boat into the boathouse
  4. Non members looking to bring a boat into the boathouse and joining club at that time


  • You must be a Regular or Young Adult member in good standing to be on the waitlist.
  • All spots belong to SDRC.
  • Spot location assignments are made by SDRC.
  • Spot location does not transfer to the new owner(s) when a boat is sold.
  • If you do not plan to row for 30+ days, please notify SDRC as we may move your boat to give another member use of that spot while you are away. Your spot will be granted back to you upon your return as long as you continue to pay for a usable spot.
  • To maintain your spot, you must row at least once a month. After 30 days SDRC may move the boat at its discretion.
  • Spots are available for singles (1x) only.
  • Spots are limited to one per member.
  • Members with more than one single and/or a double as of May 2020, are grandfathered into the new policy and allowed to keep their current boats stored. Future storage requests will be limited to one single per member and no additional private doubles will be accommodated.