Boat Reservation Instructions for SDRC


SDRC uses the online boat reservation system called iCrew. Once you have an account you can login and reserve SDRC private and club boats. All members of SDRC are eligible for an iCrew account and you will receive instructions via email upon joining the club. Should you need assistance, please contact the Boathouse Manager at

Table of Contents

Self Registration

The Boathouse manager will email you an iCrew registration link.

Step 1: Opening the registration link which will take you to this page

Step 2: Complete the mandatory items on your profile page marked with an asterisk. Press the Save button when you’re done.

Reserving a boat

Step 1: Login to iCrew and click the Reserve a shell.. button

Step 2: Select the date, Start time, End time, Shell type, Shell size, and then press the Check Availability button.

Note: Reservations cannot be made more than 3 days in advance and duration is limited to 90 minutes in duration.

Step 3: Select the shell you want and click on one of the available oar types. Then press the Make reservation button

Step 4: When you come to the boathouse to row, go to the Reservations tab, click on your reservation, and click on the Up arrow under “Out at” to check out your boat.

Step 5: When you return, go to the Reservations tab, click on your reservation, and click the arrow under ‘In at” to check in your boat.

Create your own dashboard

The iCrew system has a lot of options and to consolidate the functionality that is of interest to you, you can create your own dashboard of quick access tiles. Here are the instructions for creating a personal dashboard with a link to the On the Water Log for check-in and check-out of your boat.

  1. Login to iCrew and click on the Reservations tab
  2. Press the Reserve a Shell button
  3. Press the ‘On the Water Log’ button
  4. Click on the blue star in the yellow tab to bookmark this page
  5. The ‘Add this page to a dashboard’ should selected, then press Continue.
  6. Change the Page tile name if you wish. Enter the name of your Dashboard and press Save. Both the tile and dashboard names can be modified later.
  7. Click on the ‘Dashboards’ tab and your new dashboard will be displayed with the On-the-Water-Log tile.

  8. Make your dashboard the default page when you login by clicking on the edit icon next to your dashboard.
  9. Slide the toggle ‘Show this dashboard after logging in’ to the right
  10. Logout and login again and confirm that your new dashboard is the default page.