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Rowing Safety Information

The San Diego Rowing Club maintains a set of Rules and Regulations that encourage and enforce a safe rowing environment in Mission Bay. These Rules and Regulations are agreed upon by all rowing organizations that share Mission Bay, including, but not limited to CCHS, UCSD, USD, SDSU, ZLAC, CRSD, and MBAC.

It is expected that all SDRC rowers, their guests and visitors, be familiar with the traffic pattern and follow all recommended safety procedures.

In Case of Emergency

  • Dial 911

Safety Documents

Rowing Safety, The Basics

Following the rules is up to you and requires discipline. This discipline will keep you and others safe!

  • In the dark – bow and stern lights or headlamps are required
  • Traffic pattern – stay starboard at all times; leave a center buffer lane; don’t’ cut corners
  • Weather:
    • Fog – if you can’t see the Ingraham St. bridge, don’t row
    • Wind – greater than 7 mph is questionable, and if there are whitecaps, don’t row
    • Thunder and Lightning – don’t row
    • Live Weather – Check out SDRC’s live weather cam and information page

Guest Rowers

We hope you enjoy your visit to San Diego and Mission Bay. As a Guest rower, please read the guest rowers policy so that you understand where and when you can safely row in Mission Bay.

How to Flip Your Boat and Get Back In

Disease Prevention Guidelines for SDRC

The San Diego Rowing Club is concerned about the overall health of the rowing community and these guidelines have been developed to minimize exposure to infectious disease or bacterial infections from other rowers or pollutants in Mission Bay.

The basis of good infection prevention control is to assume that everyone is potentially infectious. Following the recommendations and procedures outlined here will help you from becoming a source of infection for others.

Viral Infections

During the fall and winter months, influenza is the far more likely cause of significant illness followed by the occasional cold. While certain events, such as the 2020 Coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan China make headlines, proper preventative care is the same as it would be for influenza.

Here are the best practices to slow the spread of infections:

  • Get an annual flu vaccine as recommended by your Doctor.
  • Wash your hands frequently.
  • Stay home if you are sick (so you do not spread the illness to other people). If you have a temperature above 100, stay home.
  • Use a tissue, or cough and sneeze into your arm, not your hand. Turn away from other people.
  • Use single-use tissues. Dispose of the tissue immediately.
  • Wash your hands after coughing, sneezing or using tissues.
  • Do not touch your eyes, nose or mouth (viruses can transfer from your hands and into the body).
  • Do not share cups, glasses, water bottles, dishes, cutlery, shavers, razors, towels, or other personal items. Shared personal hygiene items in locker rooms should not be used.

While oar handle and equipment surface transfer of viruses is not the most likely means of transmission, airborne is significantly more likely, the club can provide a mild detergent in which the oar handles and other equipment can be washed. Given the unsupervised nature of most rowing in the boathouse, you may wish to wash oar handles prior to your row rather than assume they have been cleaned by the prior rower.

Bacterial Infections

During the winter months the water in Mission Bay can be less than ideal for human contact due in part to rain that washes street residue into the bay and the occasional sewer system overflow. 

San Diego County Beach Water Quality status updates can be found on twitter at Mission Bay is known to contain Fecal Coliform, Enterococcus-CS, and Entercoccus-QPCR bacteria which can exceed recommended levels following a heavy rain.

Here are the best practices to avoid bacterial infections at SDRC:

  • Do not expose open cuts or scrapes to Mission Bay water
  • Wash and clean any cuts or scrapes with soap and clean water
  • Refrain from rowing one to two days after heavy rainfall
  • Refrain from rowing if the County of San Diego has issued an advisory or closure for Mission Bay based on water quality.

COVID-19 Information


California lifts its sweeping COVID-19 state of emergency on Tuesday — nearly three years to the day after it was put in place, giving Gov. Gavin Newsom broad power to impose strict mandates and lockdown restrictions to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Governor Newsom to End the COVID-19 State of Emergency


August 15, 2022

The State of California and County of San Diego have lifted most if not all COVID-19 restrictions and SDRC has followed suit. The following recommendations remain in place and are based on a common sense approach to COVID-19:

  • Get vaccinated if you can and have not already done so
  • Stay home if you have symptoms of COVID-19 or any infectious disease
  • Exercise / Erg / Bike in well ventilated spaces; e.g., outdoors or open doors for a breeze
  • Spend less time socializing indoors

To be clear, SDRC no longer has any firm COVID-19 restrictions in place, but asks you to be considerate of others by following the above guidelines.


December 14, 2021

We had hoped that no further updates on COVID-19 protocols would be needed. Unfortunately the continued spread of the Omicron variant has triggered new guidance from the State of California.

On December 12th the State of California’s Health and Human Services Secretary issued a return to statewide mask mandates.

Effective Wednesday, December 15th, face coverings will be mandatory inside all public places regardless of vaccination status. This new mandate will be in effect until at least January 15th, 2022.

While there are differing opinions on the effectiveness of various strategies, SDRC will adhere to State and County guidelines as we have done for the past two years. The rowing club has been able to open earlier than most, and has stayed open for multi-person boats since March 2021. With your continued cooperation we can hope for no further restrictions.

Beginning tomorrow, December 15, masks will be mandatory inside all areas of the boathouse including, but not limited to boat bays, locker rooms, weight room, offices, and erg area. Masks are not required while showering.

Masks remain optional outdoors.

As a reminder, the rowing club operates under the following COVID-19 protocols:

  • Get vaccinated if you can and have not already done so
  • Stay home if you have symptoms
  • Perform activities outdoors in well ventilated areas – No indoor erg/bike sessions
  • Spend less time socializing indoors. Arrive, engage, shower, and depart
  • Check out & in your boat as this provides an important record of your presence at the boathouse
  • The County of San Diego is following California Department of Public Health guidance: as of 12/15 masks must be worn in indoor public settings, whether you’ve been vaccinated or not.

If you experience any COVID-19 symptoms, such as cough, fever, shortness of breath, chills, sore throat, muscle pain, loss of taste or smell, unexplained headache, and gastrointestinal symptoms, even if you are fully vaccinated:

  • Stay home and away from the boathouse
  • Get tested
  • If you test positive, make a confidential report to and contact tracing will begin


September 1, 2021

SDRC has been open for team boats of fully vaccinated individuals since March 2021. Best practices for preventing the spread of COVID-19 remain in effect:

  • Get vaccinated if you can and have not already done so
  • Stay home if you have symptoms
  • Perform activities outdoors in well ventilated areas
  • Spend less time socializing indoors. Arrive, engage, shower, and depart
  • Check out & in your boat as this provides an important record of your presence at the boathouse
  • The County of San Diego is following California Department of Public Health guidance that recommends everyone wear a face covering in indoor public settings, whether you’ve been vaccinated or not.

If you experience any COVID-19 symptoms, such as cough, fever, shortness of breath, chills, sore throat, muscle pain, loss of taste or smell, unexplained headache, and gastrointestinal symptoms, even if you are fully vaccinated:

  • Stay home and away from the boathouse
  • Get tested
  • If you test positive, make a confidential report to and contact tracing will begin

How Contact Tracing Works at SDRC

When the rowing club receives a report that a member of the community tested positive for COVID-19, the Director of Operations follows up to conduct contact tracing in order to prevent transmission among the rowing club members.

  1. The effected person will be interviewed to determine who they may have been in close contact with while at the boathouse.
    • A close contact is a person who is within 6 feet for a cumulative total of at least 15 minutes during a 24-hour period (even if they were both wearing face coverings), living with or caring for a person who has COVID-19, or having direct contact with infectious secretions (e.g., being coughed on, kissing, or sharing utensils).
    • The infectious period starts approximately 48 hours before the first symptoms appear. For people without symptoms, the infectious period starts 48 hours before they were tested for COVID-19.
    • Rowing in a team boat is considered close contact.
  2. We will ask the infected person to stay away from the rowing club for 14 days or until they have a negative COVID-19 test.
  3. Those individuals who are deemed to have been in close contact with the infected will be notified within 24-hours and be asked to submit a negative test result before returning to the boathouse and participating in any activities.


March 16, 2021

The County of San Diego dropped from the Purple to Red tier of COVID-19 restrictions based on a decline in the adjusted case rate to 6.8 per 100,000 people and that more than 2 million vaccinations have been administered.

It is important that you read, understand, and follow the instructions below, but first, the good news from the Return to Rowing team:

SDRC will be opening the use of team boats to fully vaccinated members on Friday March 19, 2021. The team boats authorized are 2x, 2-, 4x, and 4-. Coxed boats will be reviewed at a later time. The locker room and showers will also be available with social distancing requirements.

Here are the protocols set forth that comply with basic requirements for social distancing and mitigating the spread of COVID-19:

  1. A fully vaccinated person is one who is 14 days out from either their 2nd dose of an mRNA vaccine (Moderna or Pfizer) or the single dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. Those who have recovered from COVID-19 are not considered vaccinated and should continue to row in single person boats.
  2. An additional waiver has been placed into your iCrew account for signature at which you can review and sign electronically. Your agreement is required prior to rowing in a team boat. If you do not have an iCrew account, here is the REGISTRATION LINK to create your own iCrew account.
  3. Please provide Chris Callaghan with a picture / scan of your COVID-19 vaccination record. This is for temporary record keeping should there be an issue. We can make a photocopy for you in the office if needed.
  1. Team boats are to be reserved, checked out, checked in, and have crew members recorded in iCrew before rowing.
  2. Masks are to be worn while on shore and continue to be respectful at maintaining distance from other individuals. Be respectful to our community as fully vaccinated individuals can still contract and spread COVID-19.
  3. Masks are not required while rowing with fully vaccinated individuals. Team boats outside of a household are NOT available to those who are not fully vaccinated.
  4. Showers and locker rooms are open with the following requirements:
    1. No loitering in the locker rooms – be on a mission to get in and get out
    2. Wear a mask while outside the showers
    3. Max of 2 people in the shower simultaneously
    4. Max of 4 people in the locker rooms simultaneously
    5. Use a locker that is ~6ft from any other person
  5. Boats and oars are to be washed with soap prior to storage in the boathouse. You may also want to wash oar handles prior to rowing.
  6. The use of coxed boats and the weight room will be evaluated at a later time, for now, their use is not allowed. Ergs continue to be available outdoors with 6ft spacing between them.

The members of SDRC are counting on your cooperation to keep us on the water and mitigate the spread of COVID-19. For those who cannot comply, please continue to row a single or household double. This is an exciting step forward and we look towards opening further as the pandemic subsides. 

Pat Kington is working on plans to restart our adult rowing programs. We will be sending out a survey next week and will provide an update on scheduling as it becomes available.

I want to thank the members of the Return to Rowing team for their time, talent, and ability to sift through the multiple sources of information to provide us this opportunity. Chris Callaghan, Wayne Saville, John Czajkowski, Glenn Schweighardt, and Sean Turpie, thank you.


Dan O’Neill



May 5, 2020
Updated January 7, 2021

This is Phase One of reopening for the San Diego Rowing Club’s members. We are both excited and equally cautious in our approach to gradually resuming our activities. This process will require patience, flexibility, and personal responsibility to ensure that we open sooner than later and that when we do open, we can stay open.

There are numerous constraints in place from government agencies as well as our own knowledge of rowing and our environment that are being actively considered in this plan. The protocols and procedures contained here can and will be changed as we learn more and as members participate in the program. 


  • Club and Private singles will be available for rowing.
  • Club and Private doubles are available for rowers from the same household.
  • The weight room, locker rooms, and showers are unavailable.
  • Ergs and Bikes may be used outside the Garty placed at least 6ft distance from each other.
  • Key Card access is available, contact Chris Callaghan
  • Guest rowers are welcome, provided they read, understand, and follow these guidelines.
  • Social distancing as required by the County of San Diego must be respected.
  • As of May 1, anyone over the age of 2 must wear a mask in public within six feet of those who are not of the same household.
  • Reservations and sign out will be done online using iCrew.
  • Be on a mission to arrive, row, cleanup, and depart for your next destination.
  • If you are sick, feel sick, or have a fever, you cannot enter the facility.
  • Individuals classified by the CDC as “at risk” should consider not coming to the facility.
  • If you become ill within a week of having rowed, please consider reporting your illness to Chris at for the benefit of the community.

Allowable uses:

  • Club and Private singles will be available for rowing.
  • Club and Private singles & pair/doubles are available for rowers from the same household.
  • General Membership may row club singles by prior reservation online at iCrew.
  • General Membership may row pair/doubles by prior reservation online at iCrew, only if the rowers are from the same household.
  • Club oars will be allowed to be used, proper cleaning before and afterward is required.
  • Members are encouraged to use their own equipment sanitation supplies. The CDC has a good list of disinfectants. SDRC will have daily soap buckets and wipes available. Soap is a fast and effective method for destroying COVID-19 on surfaces and easier on the environment than bleach.
  • Stretching outside without the use of club equipment maintaining social distance.
  • Bikes may be parked & locked at the rack on the back of the boathouse.
  • Water bottles may be filled at the fountain, but don’t drink from the fountain.
  • Restrooms will be available to use at your own risk and you are expected to clean and disinfect your use of these facilities.

Disallowed uses:

  • The weight room, locker rooms, and showers are unavailable.
  • Bikes may NOT be stored inside the boathouse.
  • No yoga/stretching mat usage.
  • No loitering – be on a mission to row, cleanup, and depart.


  • Arrival
    • If a member is sick or feeling sick, they will not come to the boathouse.
    • If a member has been sick in the past two weeks or in contact with someone who has had COVID-19, they will not come to the boathouse until 14 days after such contact.
    • Members are encouraged to bring their own sanitation supplies. Hand sanitation should be done with either a 20 second or more wash with soap and water, or by coating hands with a hand sanitizer product with greater than 60% ethanol or 70% isopropanol as active ingredients and allowing to dry completely.
    • Wear face masks as required by County of San Diego regulations until you are ready to get on the water.
  • Getting on the water
    • Check-out your boat (club or private) using iCrew.
    • Members will bring out and return singles/double slings keeping them 6 feet apart from others. Do not reuse singles slings that may already be on the apron, get your own. If you must reuse, wash it and your hands before continuing with launch or returning the boat to the storage rack.
    • Wash your oars and your hands prior to departure.
  • Returning to the boathouse
    • Return your boat to the slings and wash your boat, and oars with soapy water and sponges provided by the club.
    • Put your boat away and wipe down the hand cranks if used.
    • Depart from the boathouse for your next destination and refrain from loitering.
    • Check-in your boat via iCrew.
  • General Boathouse Rules
    • Staff will wear masks as required by County guidelines.
    • Staff will adhere to the six-foot social distance as long as practicable.
    • Fans will be in place to encourage good airflow through the boathouse.
    • All trash cans will not have lids.
    • The water fountain will be bottle filling only.

COVID-19 Status

January 25, 2021
California State Regional Stay at Home Order has been lifted

The State of California lifted the Regional Stay at Home Order as a result of improvement of ICU projections throughout California. The County of San Diego has a complete report. San Diego County remains in the Widespread Tier-1 Purple level of restrictions. Please review the California Department of Public Health guide for Outdoor and Indoor Youth and Recreational Adult Sports.

SDRC will remain open and operating under its current protocols as allowed by the above section of the Regional Stay at Home order.

December 3, 2020
California State Regional Stay at Home Order

The State of California announced a Regional Stay at Home Order that goes into effect if the ICU capacity for a region meets or exceeds 15%. San Diego is grouped with Imperial, Inyo, Los Angeles, Mono, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and Ventura Counties.

The section of the order relevant to our activities at SDRC is as follows:

The following sectors will have additional modifications in addition to 100% masking and physical distancing:

Outdoor recreational facilities: Allow outdoor operation only without any food, drink or alcohol sales. Additionally, overnight stays at campgrounds will not be permitted.
State of California Regional Stay at Home Order 12/3/2020

SDRC will remain open and operating under its current protocols as allowed by the above section of the Regional Stay at Home order.

December 1, 2020
Update from Dr. Wayne Saville

Big couple of weeks for COVID-19 vaccines—three phase 3 studies  announced their initial results. First came the Pfizer/BioNTech RNA vaccine, which was reported to have 90% efficacy after two doses were given to about 44,000 people. Then the Moderna RNA vaccine, which had 94.5% efficacy AND prevented all cases of severe disease when two dose were given to more than 30,000 subjects. Most recently, Astra-Zeneca (A-Z) announced results for their adenovirus-vectored vaccine with 62% and 90% efficacy depending how you dosed the nearly 12,000 people. These results were much better than most experts predicted, and about as good as the best older vaccines (measles tops the list at 98% efficacy). There weren’t any severe side effects, nothing worse than some mild injection site pain and a few aches and chills. Given that all three vaccines are completely new designs that contain RNA or DNA instead of the old standards like inactivated viruses or manufactured viral proteins, this sort of success is very exciting. The only drawback seem to be that two of them need to be kept frozen, which is a logistics problem for rural and under-developed areas.

Pfizer has already submitted their data to the FDA, and Moderna and A-Z are soon to follow, so look for emergency marketing approval before the end of the year for one or more of them unless there are unforeseen problems. It will beat the previous record for the time from first human dose to FDA approval of 18 months. Note—these vaccines haven’t been “rushed through testing” as some people are saying. These studies are as large as or larger than typical vaccine studies, they’re done with placebo controls to help detect side effects, and people on the studies have been followed up sufficiently to know what the short-term side effects are. In general, long-term side effects aren’t much of a worry with vaccines, although the companies and the FDA will have developed a long-term follow-up plan by the time they are approved.

Is this the answer to the pandemic? It’s good news for sure, but like everything in public health, it’s complicated. According to a very recent epidemiologic modeling study, efficacy may not be the most important factor determining the impact of vaccination. Manufacturing and distribution delays, hesitancy to get vaccinated, and severity of the epidemic over the next 6 months all have huge effects on how many cases and deaths that vaccination could prevent. Since none of us can do anything about making more drug or getting it into the hands of clinics, what should we do to get things back to normal more quickly?

First, get vaccinated when it is available to you. It’s likely that some people will get it before the end of the year. People that are at higher risk for severe COVID-19 will be in the first groups to get the drug, along with medical personnel and first responders. Don’t delay when it’s your turn. The higher the fraction of people to get vaccinated, the more everyone is protected. It’s that herd immunity thing that people keep talking about—if enough people are immune, then the infection starts to die out because it can’t spread. Immunity levels high enough to cause this to happen generally can only be reached with widespread vaccination. That’s how smallpox was eradicated, and polio nearly so.

Second, keep doing what you’re already doing. Masks, social distancing, and avoiding crowded indoor spaces are just as important as before. The transmissibility of the virus, or R0 as you may have heard it called, is definitely decreased by these actions. Masks work, especially to keep infected people from passing it on. Most cases are transmitted by air often in super-spreading events, which happen when people get close together indoors in small, poorly ventilated places. The boathouse rules are probably not going to change for at least the next six months, but so far no one seems to have gotten sick through contacts there. Thanks to everyone for paying attention and following through!

When will this end? It looks doubtful for any big boats or big races before summer, but after that we’ll just have to see what happens. If everything comes together like we hope and we all do our part by decreasing the spread and getting vaccinated, it could be summer or early fall.

The Boathouse will open on May 5, 2020 for single and doubles rowing.

May 4, 2020

Dear Members, Coaches, and Coxswains,

Effective Tuesday May 5, 2020 the Boathouse will be open for recreational sculling in singles and doubles where rowers are from the same household. We received approval from the San Diego Lifeguards on Monday morning for the following:

  • Both private and club singles are available for rowing. Doubles and pairs are available to those who live in the same household.
  • Please note that locker rooms, showers, ergs, bikes, yoga mats, ski erg, weight room, and all other parts of the boathouse remain closed. 
  • Restrooms will be available to use at your own risk and you are expected to clean and disinfect your use of these facilities with no more than 3 people in the restroom at any time.

This is a very exciting opportunity for members to take advantage of and get out on the water. We remind you to please obey all physical distancing guidelines while at the Club and wear your face coverings in accordance with San Diego County ordinances. This is especially important when you are preparing and returning your boat on the apron.  We request that you come prepared to row, efficiently get ready and take your boat to the water, row, return, wash your boat and oars, and depart the Club promptly. 

The Club is counting on the members to respect the rules and guidelines set forth by the Club, the Lifeguards, and the County of San Diego. We don’t want our behavior to force the County to rethink their decision to open Mission Bay.

Thank you for your continued support and patience. Have a good row!


Dan O’Neill

March 31, 2020

Dear Members, Coaches, and Coxswains,

I hope that this email finds you well both in body and mind as we enter our second, or third, week of staying at home and keeping our distance from others. As has been mentioned before, should you or someone you know require extra assistance, let me or Chris Callaghan know and we’ll work to find a way to help.Governor Newsom and the County of San Diego have extended orders beyond March 31, 2020. California Executive Order N-33-20 requires everyone to stay home except to get food, care for a relative or friend, get necessary health care, or go to an essential job. Therefore, the boathouse remains closed to everyone for any purpose. Based on updates from local and state government we’ll revisit the closure, but I can’t tell you when we will reopen.

Your monthly membership and boat storage fees will be charged as usual. All dues received during our closure will be considered a donation to SDRC. A letter confirming your donation will be sent by the end of the year. If you are experiencing financial hardship, please contact Chris Callaghan <> by Friday April 3 and he’ll work with you on a reasonable accommodation. The bank will run the ACH on Tuesday, April 7th and submitted on the 6th. For those in the coached programs, there will be no dues charged until we reopen.

We’ve reviewed our financial obligations and cash flow carefully and have sufficient funds to carry the club for several months. We continue to delay new boat purchases until we have a better understanding of the overall economy and situation.

I want to take a moment to compliment Chris Fuege, a former SDRC President, who insisted that the club build up and maintain a three month operating reserve. That reserve was maintained and provided us flexibility during this event. Thank you Chris for your insight, perseverance, and good business acumen.

The club is also pursuing the loans and grants available as part of the CARES Act and a Vice President at Union Bank is going to contact us when Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Loan information is available. PPP loans, under the right conditions, can become grants under which no repayment is required.

If you would like to donate additionally to help fund SDRC’s programs and boat purchases you can make a donation via check or Venmo @SDRCBHManager. Any amount is appreciated.

Another update will be sent as soon as a change in local or state recommendations or April 30, 2020, whichever comes first.

This closure and the situation is not going to last forever. We will reopen and continue to enhance the strengths that SDRC brings to rowing and our community. I hope that Masters Nationals will still happen in August, so keep yourself healthy and ready to win. The Coaches are ready and willing to help.


Dan O’Neill
President, SDRC

State and Local orders

Health Resources

SDRC Resources

SDRC Ergs & Privately Owned Erg location spreadsheet 

SDRC Erg Location Map

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March 29, 2020

From: Dr. Steve Green

Taking proper steps to prevent the spread of COVID-19

So this one is more serious than I typically get in any post, but I really hope you will take this seriously. I know it may seem like the cure is presently worse than the disease, but that is not so. My day job involves being Chief Medical Officer of Sharp Rees-Stealy Medical group in San Diego. We are working seven days a week preparing for what is likely to be the worst health crisis any of us have ever seen. We can get through this, but we have to work together, and now. Forget the politics. Please heed the advice below. Please.

Stopping the spread of coronavirus/COVID-19 is really a numbers game.

The virus needs people to multiply and spread. All of us are potential carriers who can be infected without knowing it.

Right now, on average, every infected person passes coronavirus to two or three other people, who in turn infect two to three others. After only 10 cycles, a single original person can infect 20,000 people in only four or six weeks.

So how do we combat this? We can start by reducing our social contact. If we can reduce social contacts by one-third, the number of people who will need to be hospitalized will drop 20-fold. This simple step will allow us more time to determine what treatments work and prevent the healthcare system from being overwhelmed.

Where do we start?

By staying away from other people. Humans are social by nature, but this is not the time for that. Outside of your immediate household, keep your distance from everyone, including friends and relatives. Remember the six-foot rule.

That means no more birthday parties, sleepovers, play-dates, meet-ups and outings to playgrounds, where virus particles can linger.

Implement other tactics to keep your home virus-free:

  • Leave only if absolutely necessary and head straight back as soon as your errand is completed
  • Exercise outside the house alone or only with members of your household
  • If you buy groceries or cook meals for neighbors who cannot get out, call to let them know you are coming by, and leave your delivery outside their front door
  • If you do go out, wash your hands with soap and water thoroughly for at least 20 seconds as soon as you can, preferably before you touch any surfaces in your home
  • A card or tennis game with friends may sound like fun, but the virus travels on surfaces (cards, tennis balls). Play only with those in your immediate household.

We urge you to stick to this approach, as difficult as it may seem. This will enable our nurses, doctors, first responders, pharmacists and other essential personnel to continue doing their jobs to support you.

Stay safe and stay healthy.

Steve Green, MD

Friday, March 13, 2020 3:10pm

Dear SDRC Members,

It is with great consideration that the Board has made the unanimous decision to suspend all SDRC Rowing activities. This is effective immediately with no Masters or Juniors to be at the boathouse or rowing from the boathouse. The Board believes that this suspension is in the best interest of the members, our community, and part of our civic responsibility to help slow down the potential spread of the COVID-19 virus.

The Juniors program suspension has been executed in conjunction with the March 13, 2020 announcement from the City of San Diego Unified School District and will continue until at least April 6, 2020.

The Masters suspension has been aligned with the recommendations from the San Diego County Health and Human Services Agency which issued an order, effective 12:00am Friday March 13, 2020 and continuing until March 31, 2020. All digital keys to the boathouse have been deactivated as of Friday afternoon. Should you need access to the boathouse to retrieve personal items, please contact Chris Callaghan,

We understand that this is yet another closure of an important part of your life, ours too. We’ve been in discussion and continually studying the COVID-19 potential to interrupt operations since our first email on January 28, 2020. As we’re all aware, the global situation has changed a great deal since that time.

The Board is meeting at least weekly and will remain in close contact with you as new information comes to light. We hope that the spread of COVID-19 is attenuated through the closures recommended by Federal, State, and local governments.

Should you or any member of our extended community require assistance, please let us know. The club has any number of rowers in age groups that are considered more vulnerable than others and if they need someone to bring them groceries or other supplies, the Board will figure out how to provide support.

This is difficult for all of us and I, and the board, thank you for your understanding and patience in this trying time. Please be safe and follow all the CDC recommendations. We wish your families well.

Thank you,

Dan O’Neill
President, SDRC