Volunteering your Time and Talent

SDRC is run for and by its members. We require 10 hours of annual Volunteer Service Hours from each member. We hope you chose to do more. There are many ways to fulfill your Volunteer Service Hours, including:

– Working at one or more of the boathouse cleanup days
– Serving on the board
– Serving on one or more committees
– Helping with team building events or learn to row days
– Volunteering for the Fall Classic or Indoor Classic
– Running the summer BBQ’s
– Securing and delivering supplies and services to SDRC

This form is simply a way for us to recognize and keep track of all your volunteer work.

For more information about volunteer opportunities please contact the Boathouse Manager bhmanager@sandiegorowing.org

Thank you for your time to submit your hours. And, because it can’t be said enough: THANK YOU for all your support and help!

NOTE: All personal information, including emails and contact information, are kept confidential.

Volunteer Activity Tracking

Enter your volunteer information below. If you have multiple days of work to enter, simply submit the form, then fill out a new one. Time is in hours so enter 0.5 for one-half hour of volunteer time.